Presentation of the Mobile Health Record and the HealthChain project in Brussels.

We are in Brussels on 12. Launch the Mobile Health Revolution digital tool pilot on October 2023 . The pilot project is led by a member of the SmartHealth Vanguard section of the initiative
Health Master.

The event took place in the framework of
21st European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC)
. We presented the work of SIS EGIZ and SRIP Health-Medicine, with a focus on the pilot project and the project HealthChain, where Slovenian partners are working together to reduce the length of hospitalisation after surgery. The project involves partners from Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands and Portugal. The HealthChain project has already put into practice a customised Mobile Health Card application .

The EWRC is an annual meeting of institutions and NGOs working in a quadrilateral helix to work across regions and transfer good practices in improving conditions for a more comfortable and easier life for older people.

Download the presentation HERE: EWCR VI pilot 2023_ppt template.ppt

The HealthChain flyer can be found here: HC_FLYER_A5_interactive