At the Slovenian Innovation Hub, European Economic Interest Grouping, we respect your privacy and will carefully protect your personal data in accordance with the legislation governing personal data protection (EU Regulation 2016/679, applicable personal data protection law). We have adopted a Privacy Policy to provide users with all the necessary information related to data processing.


Data Controller


The owner and operator of the website  and the data processor is the Slovenian Innovation Hub, European Economic Interest Grouping (SIH EEIG), Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana.


Since the processing of personal data by the controller does not involve regular and systematic extensive monitoring of individuals and because the controller does not process special categories of personal data and/or data related to criminal convictions and offenses, the controller will not appoint a specific data protection officer.


Visitor or user of the website is anyone who visits the mentioned website.


Categories of Personal Data


When you sign up for our newsletters or fill out the contact form, you enter your email address into the system. Data enabling potential further communication with you.


In case you fill out the contact form with the purpose of receiving our newsletters, you agree to be informed about our activities. By doing so, you allow us to periodically send you email messages (newsletters). Newsletters can be subscribed to by individuals and legal entities who sign up to receive newsletters on the website and provide their email address upon registration.


In case you fill out the event registration form with the purpose of registering for an event organized by us, you agree to be contacted (electronically or by phone) regarding registered participants and contact persons related to the registration for the education. Personal data entered upon registration for education are processed for the purpose of keeping records of participants and contacting by email or phone regarding registration, course of event, content, location of the event, and satisfaction with the event, for sending presentations and other materials, and for informing about topics that might be of interest to you based on the content of the event.


All collected data (on the website, via email, or by phone) is collected for the purpose of carrying out one of the activities of SIG EEIG.

  • Acquired data held by the database controller:
  • email address,
  • first and last name,
  • company, organization, and/or faculty name,
  • mobile phone number,
  • which messages the user has opened and which links they have clicked in the messages,
  • which pages they visited on the portal,
  • user IP addresses and cookie IDs.


Purposes of Data Collection, Processing, and Storage


The purposes of data collection, processing, and storage are sending newsletters and informing about events organized by SIH EEIG or events organized by another legal entity in collaboration with SIH EEIG.


SIH EEIG will use the data obtained from users for the following purposes:

– for communication with users;

– for statistical and marketing analysis; tracking clicks and openings of emails and clicks on the website for segmentation and customization of email content;

– for informing and sending newsletters, articles, event notices by email;

– for segmentation, profiling, and automated processing for the purpose of creating tailored messages and offers that will be more relevant to the user;


Upon sending electronic messages, the controller records the opening of received messages by individuals and clicks on links in received messages. It also records views and actions on the controller’s website. To provide better and more targeted delivery of offers and customization of messages or communication, recorded data is automatically processed, analyzed, profiled, and evaluated for user activity and interest measurement.


Data Retention Period


Personal data of individuals are stored indefinitely or until the consent for the storage and processing of personal data of the individual is revoked. After revocation of consent by the individual, their personal data will be promptly and permanently deleted.

If our company were to discontinue the purposes described above for which personal data is stored and processed, we would immediately and permanently delete the databases for which the purpose has ceased.


Protection of Personal Data


The controller will protect the obtained data in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection and its internal acts adopted on the basis of the law. It will ensure adequate organizational and technical protection. The controller will not under any circumstances disclose or disclose obtained data to third parties. We use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of receiving our newsletters or information about education/workshops and do not market or provide them to third parties, except to partners who help us maintain the website and provide us with a platform for sending newsletters (e-marketing) and are bound to protect personal data under the same conditions as SIH EEIG.


In exceptional cases, your personal data may be disclosed to state and security authorities in accordance with the law if they officially request the disclosure of personal data.


Users’ Rights


In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the data controller must, upon request of the user, the following:

  • Confirm whether data concerning him are being processed or not and provide him with access to personal data concerning him.
  • Provide a printout of personal data concerning him.
  • Provide an opportunity to correct or supplement his personal data.
  • Provide an opportunity for partial or complete


 deletion of personal data.

  • Provide an opportunity to transfer personal data to another provider of similar services.
  • Provide an opportunity for partial or complete withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data.


The controller will comply with your request for withdrawal and will promptly arrange the withdrawal of consent with the purposes of processing personal data within 15 business days.

Any individual, if he/she believes that his/her rights to the protection of his/her personal data have been infringed by the controller in any way, may at any time lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia).


Every user has the option to easily unsubscribe from receiving messages with one click in the footer of the received email message or by sending an email with unsubscribe to or by replying to the specific received email message.


Contracted Data Processors and Storage Area


The controller also provides collected personal data to its contracted data processors, who may process the data solely within the controller’s instructions and authorizations and who are contractually bound by a written contract with the controller to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, namely: for CRM (website maintenance), email marketing system, and marketing automation system. The data repositories are stored within the EU and are not exported to third countries.


The controller may provide personal data to digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar) and use their cookies, which enable the controller to create more accurate segments, display targeted ads, and remarket. This allows the user to receive more relevant ads on these platforms from the controller. In this context, the transfer of data to a data processor outside the EU may occur.


Links to Third-Party Websites


Web content on the website may contain links to third-party websites, which have their own security policies. SIS EGIZ has no influence on these policies and does not guarantee the operation, security, and activities on the websites of such linked providers.




Use of Cookies

As a user of the website you agree to have cookies (cookies) loaded onto your computer to ensure the operation of all website functions, web analytics, and advanced advertising. The following cookies are loaded:


– Google Analytics cookies for analytical purposes;

– Facebook cookies for remarketing and advertising

– Google cookies for remarketing and advertising;

– Addthis cookies for displaying buttons for sharing on social networks and pop-ups and exposure;

– Marketing automation tool cookies for monitoring user activity on the website.


Cookies enable certain content or application features to be tailored to a particular visitor based on their choices or preferences or the characteristics of their terminal equipment. Cookies for analytical purposes enable continuous improvement of the website.


Instructions for managing cookies in individual browsers

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Legal Notice


All content published on  is the property of SIS EGIZ. Without permission from SIS EGIZ, it may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed in any other way. SIS EGIZ is not responsible for any problems with the operation of the website. SIS EGIZ reserves the right to any errors and changes to the content published on .


We reserve the right to change and adapt this Privacy Policy at our discretion and as needed at any time to actual conditions and legislation in the field of personal data protection. For this reason, we ask you to check the current version before each transfer of personal data so that you are aware of any changes and additions.




If you would like further clarification regarding the Privacy Policy of SIH EEIG, you can write to us at:


Ljubljana, 27.3.2021