Members are informed that the Jožef Stefan Institute is running a European project called INDUSAC, where Slovenian companies can submit challenges to be solved by international teams of students and researchers.

Challenges can come from all business activities and business segments and can include (for example):

  • future customer needs (trend analysis, product catalogues)
  • grey areas in the existing product portfolio (strategic analyses, action plans)
  • marketing campaigns (market and trend analysis, campaign design)
  • development of digital platforms (market analysis for platform design, platform prototype)
  • developing ideas for future products and services (marketing profiles, ideas)
  • Business plan and models (SWOT analysis, profitability assessment, models)
  • Other

By participating, the company gains a solution to the challenge (4-8 weeks), makes contact with promising young people from Europe (also for possible future collaborations) and further increases its visibility in the international environment. The company works with an international group but has no financial obligations to them.

Challenges are submitted via the INDUSAC platform. For the design of the solutions in the first round (expected by May 2024), it is recommended to submit as early as possible or by 24. November 2023. Challenges can be submitted after this date.

At the same time, the lead partner of the project, the “Jožef Stefan” Institute, invites you to a one-hour virtual event on Tuesday, 21. on 12 November 2023 at 12:00 via the Zoom app. The event will present the opportunities of the INDUSAC project. Entries are required via the registration form.

More information is available on the INDUSAC website and in the Call for Companies, and you can also send questions to

You are invited to participate!


INDUSAC information

INDUSAC Virtual Event