Health-medicine SRIP reapplying for call funds


Good stories are a mission that only makes sense to continue.

As part of the Health-Medicine SRIP project, we have successfully submitted an application to the call “Support to Strategic Innovation and Development Partnerships (SRIPs)”.

Launched in 2017 at the intersection of strategic partnerships, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, the project has over the years resulted in the manifestation of a number of technological concepts and showcased innovations in health and medicine.

The focus on the development of breakthrough technologies has brought together a number of experts in the field of gene and cell therapy for cancer (the Centre for the Development of Technologies for Gene and Cell Therapies is under construction). The emerging infrastructure represents an important step forward in cancer treatment and aims to reduce the mortality rate of this disease. The multi-million dollar investment in proton centres brought together players from science, education and business, with Cosylab as a key partner in the field.

The SRIP Health-Medicine project currently comprises 32 partnerships, which are a conglomerate of different, interdisciplinary fields from international spaces. The consortium partners have experience in research on early stage dementia detection, IT application development (Health Master), development of nutritional supplements.

Our projects

In addition to implementing the Vanguard pilot project on personalised medicine, we have implemented several European projects, including linking medicinal herb growers. We have been awarded 3* by RS Slovenia.

With the project Senior Eco Nect in a coalition of national and international partnerships, we remain committed to the development of the silver economy in Slovenia, the project
HealthChain I3
is a set of links in a value chain of partnerships that address the technology challenges of all stakeholders in health and medicine in a targeted way. We participated in a project
, which, once completed, was approved by the Oncology Institute of Ljubljana for clinical trials of skin tumour treatments and represents a significant advance in the development of gene therapy.

VISIONHealth for All

Creating a supportive innovation economy, research and development partnerships and tapping into European funding are key to developments in medicine and healthcare. This is why we continue to identify all research and medical organisations, development groups and companies and actively invite them to join the SRIP.

By applying, we want to enrich not only the project results, but also the strategic partnerships that are a key driver of development, intrinsically linked to our mission – health for all.