The Vanguard Initiative (VI) has launched an international interregional innovation fund , VInnovate, which offers grants for small projects.

It will promote innovative medium and small enterprises in the regions of the countries that are members of the initiative. SBRA, which represents Slovenia in the Vanguard initiative, took part in the signing ceremony. A Letter of Intent for Slovenia to participate in this important international fund under the Vanguard initiative has been signed by the Public Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (ARIS). This will enable Slovenia to give its innovative SMEs the opportunity to participate in the first VInnovate call, scheduled for spring.


The Vanguard Initiative is a network established in 2013. It brings together nearly 40 industrialised regions that have decided to lead by example in fostering European innovation ecosystems through inter-regional cooperation in eight pilot projects. The eight pilot projects aim to accelerate the market uptake of innovations in eight thematic areas by bringing together regions and their stakeholders: bioeconomy, efficient sustainable manufacturing (ESM), high-performance manufacturing with 3D printing, advanced manufacturing for energy-related applications in harsh environments, new products with nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, smart health/personalised medicine, hydrogen (H2).


Establishing the VInnovate Fund:

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