Participation of the Slovenian Innovation Hub and SRIP Health – Medicine at the event entitled 2. Symbiosis Intergenerational Day – Heartbeats: we are also digitally healthy

The event, organised by the social enterprise Simbioza Genesis, took place on 12. December 2023. Participants included experts from the digital sector, the public sector, NGOs, civil society and business. They discussed active living for a healthy and long-lived society and modern digital health solutions. Symbiosis also presented the conclusions of the E-Health Literacy project.

Ana Pleško, Director of Simbioz Genesis, and Mag. Gregor Cuzak, Secretary General of the Association of Patients’ Organisations of Slovenia, stressed the importance of intergenerational and interdisciplinary networking in a rapidly changing society.

The roundtable brought together experts to highlight the impact of digital technologies in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and the importance of the zVEM portal. Despite the ethical and safety challenges, speakers highlighted several safe ways to promote eHealth literacy, supported by examples of good practice.

Dr Drago Rudel,
Director of MKS Electronic Systems, highlighted the importance of telemedicine services, which allow patients to have regular contact with their doctors.

Dr Boris Cizelj, SIS EGIZ representative, presented the five focus areas of the SRIP Health – Medicine. He pointed to the changing demographic structure of the population, which should be empowered for all generations, recognising that older people are still active contributors to society. As an example of good practice, he highlighted the cooperation of 34 organisations from the research, professional and non-governmental sectors in the framework of SIS EGIZ.

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