Okrogla miza: Opportunities and perspectives of personalized medicine and patient – centered approach in chronic disease management in primary care / hypertension, diabetes, asthma

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Roundtable: Opportunities and perspectives of personalized medicine and patient – centered approach in chronic disease management in primary care / hypertension, diabetes, asthma

14th November 2019; Location: Hotel Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons, Conference Room Plečnik 4, Pot za Brdom 4, Ljubljana

14.00Welcome and introduction
Government representative of RS / representative EC – Health, representative of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
14.10Biomedical development perspective
prof. Dr.Vita Dolžan, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Pharmacogenetic laboratory
14.25ICT users’ perspective
prof. dr. med. Daniela Steiberger, MBA, Managing Director / Medical Director, bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH
14.40Patients’ perspective
msc. Gorazd Hladnik, mag. Ph., MBA, Director, Provita d.o.o.
14.55Doctors’ perspective
Dr. Josep Vilaseca, Researcher, “Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS)
15.10Pharmacists’ perspective
dr. Jan Saevels, Scientific Department Director, Association Pharmaceutique Belge
15.25Social sciences point of view
prof. dr. Stefan Sohn, Hochschule Konstanz für Technik, Witschaft und Gestaltung
15.40Health economic point of view
Christina Mitropoulou, MBA, Managing director, The Golden Helix Fundation
15.55Discussion and round table (HC processes, system, policies, financing challenges)
16.45Wrap up


Bio-medicinal and technological innovations could mostly benefit patients and are successfully implemented in everyday HC practice only when they are combined with social innovations. These are possible by proper employment of social sciences in HC, especially HC management, medical psychology, health anthropology and health marketing as well as by active participation of HC providers and patients in the implementation projects. Empowerment of stakeholders including patients adherence are encouraged by contemporary health process management including innovative social interactions (patient-cantered approach) among stakeholders and advanced ICT solutions, called mobile health management. Mobile health management approach is targeting improvements in patients’ health outcomes and quality of life. The introduction of new organizational and communicational approaches in HC management have the potential to influence major HC challenges of EU and each member state:

  • Empowerment and adherence of patients in HC including their ownership and management of health data;
  • Lack of HC capacities for prevention of chronic diseases management and suboptimal use of existing HC capacities;
  • Lack of ICT use in HC and especially health ICT support for patients;
  • Lack of teamwork and weak interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Deficiencies of traditional HC communication and health promotion.

Indirectly mobile health management could contribute to EU citizens’ secure access and management of their own health data, sharing them with healthcare providers including transfer across borders. New approach facilitate personalized medicine biotech innovations implementation as well as ensure safe and comprehensive anonymized big data source for policy decision making and innovation acceleration.

Workshop will focus on key opportunities for improvements in health care processes of chronic diseases management from the perspective of innovative biomedical solutions, ICT solutions and employment of new social interactions between patients, doctors, pharmacists and other professionals.

Target of the roundtable is to increase awareness about availability of biotech, ICT and social solutions for healthcare improvements and demonstrate that we can benefit from international collaboration and sharing of the best solutions.

Target of the workshop is to prioritize partnership opportunities for best practice and best knowledge sharing in EU. It will structure the project to join the efforts toward quicker and more efficient progress in health care environment.

We expect participation of representatives of medical and pharmacy profession from 6 countries across Europe, professors and key experts from biomedical development, primary health care, family doctors, pharmacy and other experts from related sciences and industry.